The director of the International Center for Advanced Materials and Raw Materials of Castile and León, Fundación Icamcyl, Santiago Cuesta, will represent Spain in the European Union within the group of experts that will guide the European Alliance of Innovation in Raw Materials.

At the proposal of the permanent embassy of Spain in the European Union, the European Commission has selected the profile of Cuesta among more than one hundred professionals from the 27 member countries as an expert technologist, who in addition, through the Icamcyl Foundation, will seek to position León and Bierzo in Europe as regions rich in strategic raw materials.

Likewise, Santiago Cuesta pointed out the «relevance» of the role of Icamcyl and the Cluster for Sustainable Mining within the policies of the European Union «to achieve a future for regions such as Castile and León and regions such as the Bierzo, rich in endogenous resources». In this sense, he recalled that last year was launched «one of the most important initiatives of the Union to grant cascading financing to SMEs in the mining sector, in the context of a fair transition and change towards sustainable mining of strategic raw materials», while strategic investment platforms for regions, including mining projects, will be launched in the coming weeks

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