Date: February 5, 2020

We would like to welcome you to this blog dedicated to sustainable mining in its broadest sense. We will address interesting issues from the technological perspective, reviewing the latest techniques, methods and innovations across the entire value chain, but also will open debates of a social, economic or political nature that are critical for the raw materials and the mining sectors.

The raw materials and mining value chains entail very complex aspects spanning regional, national and European regulations, access to land for exploration projects, the need for a skilled workforce, access to accurate geological data, appropriate technologies, funding, social acceptance, environmental degradation and many more. We will try to deal with all these topics and will seek contributions from experts to help us dig deeper into the key issues of European mining.

We also intend to use this blog to give voice to all the cluster members who want to participate with their contributions, interests or activities. It will be a free space to open debates, exchange views and propose new, innovative solutions for old political, technical or economic problems in the sector.

We hope you follow us closely and contribute with your ideas and comments, that will be very valuable to all of us. Your contributions are very welcome!