ISMC is looking for a creative company to build our soon-to-start Horizon 2020 project’s website. We are really excited about this new project and what we need right now is an experienced company to design and develop a beautiful and engaging dedicated website.

This project will promote interaction among hundreds of companies and stakeholders, so it needs to be really interactive, usable, with a powerful design that ensures maximum outreach and visibility.

We are looking for an experienced company with:

  • A portfolio of website examples from previous European projects.
  • The ability to create a dynamic, highly interactive website that will need to evolve over time.
  • The right schedule to incorporate this project into your workflow in the next few weeks and take care of the first steps asap: e.g. hosting, domain, e-mail addresses, visual identity, etc.

If you think your company fits our requirements please contact us at:

Send us a document with a brief description and capabilities of your company, links to EU projects’ websites developed, and estimated time and budget needed to fulfil a regular EU project like this based on your previous experience.

We are waiting for your brilliant ideas! 😊