The Managing Director of Icamcyl Foundation, Santiago Cuesta López, announced  in León the project Mine the Gap, the most important in the Innosup business promotion program that will involve the recovery of SMEs in the mining sector within the framework of the green pact, the circular economy and the just transition.

Mine The Gap will finance the sustainable transformation and modernization of mining SMEs through innovation vouchers. Icamcyl and the cluster for sustainable mining will become its axis of transformation and business recovery.

The Mine the Gap project, led and coordinated by the Icamcyl Foundation, has a budget of five million euros, of which almost four million will be used to finance innovation projects in SMEs in the raw materials sector in collaboration with technology companies in other sectors.

These projects will be channelled through eleven European partners, of which nine are industrial clusters representing more than a thousand members and up to 529 SMEs. The participating countries (Germany, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Poland, Portugal and Spain) account for more than 50% of all SMEs in the mining sector in Europe.

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