The Icamcyl Foundation will present next week the Mining Cluster, which will bring together more than thirty companies (and continue to join) to join efforts in R&D, international projects and business opportunities for the mining and raw materials sector.

The Cluster was born in Castile and León, but has a national and international dimension. This figure is a development model that increases competitiveness and promotes sustained economic growth, as well as new services and opportunities for businesses. Clusters in Europe are a vehicle for innovation and wealth generation, as well as a collaborative cross-border tool for development in key areas.

The Mining Cluster that we will present is strategic for Castile and León, and therefore has the support of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Junta de Castilla y León. But not only that, but it has already aroused the interest of European reference entities such as the EIT (European Institute of Technology based in Budapest) through the KIC (Knowledge Communities to innovation) in raw materials.

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