ISMC is a major player in the European battery recycling valley and contributes to ensuring a sustainable supply of raw materials to the industry.

Thus, at a “critical” time when raw materials are not only essential for the production of a wide range of goods and services used in everyday life, but also for the development of emerging and globally competitive technologies, Santiago Cuesta López, Director General of ISMC underlines that “advanced materials are one of the key enabling technologies identified as a priority for EU industrial policy, as they will ensure access to raw materials and support the manufacturing and recycling of products and services used in everyday life. The EU’s industrial policy priorities, as they will ensure access to raw materials and support the manufacture and recycling of batteries”.

ISMC takes over the coordination, at European level, of the sustainable raw material supply pilot for the European battery value chain from Cuesta Lopez. This is an essential pillar within the interregional platform of advanced materials for batteries (S3P Platform – AMBP) and a milestone in the internationalisation of the cluster and the regions of Castilla y León and Andalusia.
The aim is to create an international network of battery recycling valleys to ensure the implementation of industrial pilots aimed at implementing the circular economy of batteries throughout the southern axis of Europe.

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