Energy transition and the fight against climate change depend on new sustainable mining to ensure the supply of critical raw materials
Securing sustainable mining projects is only possible with a strong business and financial boost that generates a powerful and tractor investment ecosystem.

Madrid Mining Club, the ICAMCyL Foundation and the ISMC Cluster (Iberian Sustainable Mining Cluster) join forces to organize the Strategic Materials, Business Opportunities and Innovation Roundtable. On Wednesday, June 8, the forum opens in the financial club of Genoa, Madrid, with a first breakfast dedicated to investments in mining and how to generate opportunities to launch projects that ensure the supply of strategic raw materials for our technology and to ensure a sustainable future.

Businessmen and senior managers of the sector, such as the CEO of Atalaya Mines, Alberto Lavandeira will explain and expose success stories in the development of circular and sustainable projects that will ensure the supply of raw materials to our future generations. A second panel of investment experts such as Philippe Cohen will facilitate experiences and strategies to ensure the financial boost of mining projects. The forum will close with the participation of authorities and representatives of the European Commission, supported by experts such as Santiago Cuesta-López, representative of Spain in the European Alliance of Innovation in Raw Materials, will draw the regulatory framework and opportunities, that the European institutions are pushing for to facilitate the creation of a flow towards sustainable projects that will ensure Europe’s energy independence and transition, and the resilience of our industrial value chains.