Mine the Gap seeks to boost innovation to meet the top ten needs of sustainable mining in the 21st century, from social responsibility, the circular economy, accelerating investments, creating new technological value chains, the environmental footprint, worker health, the incorporation of new technologies, robotics,…

To select the 80 companies whose projects will be distributed a fund of 4.5 million euros the committee of experts led by Icamcyl will listen in a competitive way to the main companies in Europe working in raw materials to select the best ones, help them and finance them with innovation bonuses and coaching.

The programme has two levels of financial support, in addition to monitoring and expert advice. The first level is direct financing, with grants of 50,000 in 50,000 euros, against innovation projects. It also allows for cooperation between companies to tackle major projects.

The second level is to generate an exchange of about 10,000 euros for advisory services to go to Brussels, to international fairs in different places, to events to meet other companies; and thus have access to new business models and new opportunities and investments.

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